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The Japan Pipe Smokers‘ Club (JPSC)

The Japan Pipe Smokers‘ Club (JPSC)

The Japan Pipe Smokers‘ Club (JPSC), one of the Tokyo-based clubs, held Japan‘s first pipe smoking contest in that city in 1972. The event inspired pipe lovers in Japan, and led to the creation of more pipe clubs and pipe smoking contests across the country. In 1974, 15 such pipe smoker clubs got together and established a federation named "The Pipe Club of Japan (PCJ)." As of October 30, 2008, the PCJ has more than doubled its size; it now consists of 32 member clubs with about 440 active members, and the number of new members is expected to grow.
The "Comite International des Pipe Clubs," or CIPC, based in Paris, requested the PCJ to join its confederation and represent pipe smokers in Japan. Upon joining, the PCJ was now qualified to participate in all the CIPC-sponsored international events, such as the World Championship of Pipe Smoking, and authorized to host a similar event in Japan.
Since then, the PCJ has actively participated in the World Championship every four years while simultaneously cultivating mutual friendship with the other 24 CIPC member countries, among them France, Denmark. Russia, USA and China. The PCJ also makes an effort to propagate the custom of pipe smoking in Japanese society.


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