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Tobacco Reviews

Tobacco Reviews

Tobacco Reviews is the place on the internet to learn about and share your impressions of the panoply of pipe tobaccos in the world today.
From long-gone legends of pipe smoking to the newest cutting-edge blends, from the most obscure gems from boutique blenders to the most widely smoked tobaccos today, they are all here.
Thousands of your fellow smokers have written tens of thousands of reviews of all of these tobaccos, sharing their wisdom, wit and honest opinions. You are cordially invited to join the discussion and add your thoughts and reflections to their ever-increasing stock of collective knowledge on pipe tobacco.
Pipe smoking is a gentle hobby, and they strive to treat each other, and their differing opinions of pipe tobaccos with the respect and restraint due to the ladies and gentlemen that they are, or hope to be. Please help them to maintain this atmosphere by refraining from disparaging the tastes, writing styles or opinions of your fellow users. It is generally best to confine your reviews only to the tobacco in question and not to respond to what others have written previously. While lively arguments about the merits of certain pipe tobaccos can be entertaining to all, this is not the place for them.


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