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Autumn Evening

Author: Gianpaolo
Date: 28/03/2017

Rating: Recommended
Strength: Strong
Flavoring: Medium to Strong
Taste: Mild to Medium
Room Note: Strong

Review: All'apertura della scatola si nota subito come il tabacco sia umido, come di solito tutte le miscele C&D, comunque non eccessivo. Abbastanza aromatico il fumo lascia un fondo di vaniglia, ma comunque al gusto gradevole anche ai non amanti degli aromatizza

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Preparing Flake Style Tobacco

There are many ways to prepare flake style pipe tobacco (pressed and sliced) for smoking ... here are a few. First you'll need a good flake pipe. A good flake pipe has a narrow, deep bowl. Preferably 5/8" - 3/4" diameter x 1"+ deep. The most basis way prepare the slices is to put them in the palm of one hand and cover with the palm of your other hand and rub your hands together until the flakes break apart. This is called "rubbing out". Generally, the more you rub out a flake the more mellow it will be and less you rub out the flake the more intense the flavors will be....This is the whole flake method. First note in which direction the "grain" of the tobacco is going in the flake. Cut a piece or pieces of flake *against* (at 90 degrees) the grain and equal to the depth of your flake pipe. Take the entire flake of tobacco and roll it up into a fairly tight tube or roll. If done correctly the ends you have cut will be the *long* ends of the tube. The diameter of the roll of flake tobacco should be slightly less the diameter of the tobacco chamber of the pipe you will be smoking. If not, roll another piece of flake over the first. Place the roll into your pipe and press it down with a tamper with just enough force to flatten the top. Light as you normally would and enjoy!

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