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London Mixture

Author: Luciano C.
Date: 28/03/2017

Rating: Highly Recommended
Strength: Very Mild
Flavoring: Medium to Strong
Taste: Extra Full
Room Note: Extra Strong

Review: Gran bella miscela a base di tabacchi Virginia dorati, con presenza spiccata di tabacchi orientali unitamente a tabacco Latakia. All'apertura della scatola metallica a tenuta si avverte immediatamente un odore/profumo di spezie che risultano molto piacevo

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George‘s Pipe Smoking Pages

The New York Pipe Club

The New York Pipe Club (NYPC) was organized in the early 1980's and has been active ever since - with some ups and downs. The main factors in the Club's success over the years have been: 1) committed leadership; 2) availability of a suitable meeting place and 3) guest speakers and other special program activities.
NYPC was led for many years by Sailorman Jack , who passed away in 2004, and in more recent years by David Siegel and Vernon Vig. A solid core of founding/early members continues to be active; they can be counted on to attend meetings and remain a driving force.
NYPC also has attracted a significant number of new members in recent years, including several young men who are eager to learn about pipes and pipesmoking. They recruit in local pipe shops, at pipe shows and on the street; anyone with a pipe is fair game.The current membership list contains close to 100 names; attendance at meetings is usually in the 25-30 range, although on occasion we attract 40 or more.
NYPC now meets once each month, usually on the second or third Tuesday.  They tried meeting twice a month for two years or so and many enjoyed this. However, two meetings turned out to be too much and tended to dilute attendance at all meetings.

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