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MATCH Dunhill's Nightcap

Author: Francesco V.
Date: 28/03/2017

Rating: Recommended
Strength: Mild to Medium
Flavoring: Strong
Taste: Full
Room Note: Strong

Review: Miscela di grande qualità nel contempo forte e vigoroso. Non irrita. Molti però lo ritengo poco adatto ai neofiti solo perchè probabilemente non riuscirebbero a gustarne appieno le qualità. Garantite fumate sempre fresche e asciutte, lasciando la bocca as

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Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

The Club started in 1993 with a small group of pipe smokers meeting at local lounges and restaurants for companionship and trading information and ideas about the hobby of pipe collecting. Over time they established meeting venues where they could display their pipes and other smoking items and buy, sell and swap from each other. Oh, and smoke together for an evening. Their first "Chicago Show" was held in 1996 and has steadily grown to one of the largest hobby shows of it's type in the world. We invite you to browse their site and note information on shows and meetings. Their chat and forum pages will let you communicate with them and other enthusiasts in the hobby. It's all here for fellow pipe smokers and collectors and anyone who wants to know about and understand this hobby.


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