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Premier Cru

Author: Wind
Date: 26/09/2017

Rating: Recommended
Strength: Medium
Flavoring: Medium
Taste: Full
Room Note: Tolerable to Strong

Review: This is a lesser known subcategory of English blends. When I bought it the tobacco was , more or less, uniformly medium brown with a narrow range of color variations and uniform in it's cut. The moisture content was at a normal level and it packed and smoked straight forwardly with only a short drying time. Setting the aromatic component aside for the moment, I would classify this blend as a medium English that was very satisfying on the level of Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium. The aromatic component was light, sweet and I was not able to identify any particular "flavor" in it. The middle range of this smoke was soft and friendly and, yes, nut like in flavor. All in all, I enjoyed this blend straight out of the tin and have made it my current "English base" tobacco in microblending. Not the best English blend I've ever smoked, but very enjoyable and recommendable - three stars.

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In the Comite International des Pipe Club (CIPC), pipe smokers from all over the world meet. News is distributed and forwarded, experiences are shared and events are announced. It is all about pipes and tobaccos! New pipes, special tobaccos are revealed on this website, national and international events - such as shows, championships, exhibitions, meetings and conventions - are announced and of course the experiences of pipe smokers with their pipes and tobaccos will be discussed. It is an international pipe smokers meeting point.
Its aim is to expand their knowledge about the tobaco pipe and its use in every era, in all parts of the world and from every angle, whether cultural, artistic, scientific, sociological or ethnographic. People interested in pipe smoking - smokers and non-smokers, organized and not-organized - have on this website their international forum. Here they will find all the information they need, here they can ask questions, here they can discuss. Those who want to take part in a pipe smoking club, in a championship will find would they need to know. Those seeking advice on...


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