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Black Ambrosia

Author: James Hayden
Date: 02/04/2021

Rating: Somewhat Recommended
Strength: Mild
Flavoring: Mild to Medium
Taste: Mild
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

Review: As a lover of aromatic tobacco I thought I give this a try. In UK we can only buy in a pouch of 40g. As with all mac baren tobacco you can see its very nice. Smell was OK not to strong or over powerful. This a mild to medium strength smoke, with a pleasant aroma. Nothing spectacular. This is very much for someone who is getting into aromatic tobacco. I did note that after going back for a 3rd bowl a fews weeks later the flavours was even less which was a shame. Won't be buying again but worth a smoke if your new to pipe world.

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Italian Pipe Production Panorama - part IV

And now, the craftsmen's old guard, all coming from the Castello experience. Luigi (Gigi to his friends) Radice's great moustache is now completely white, but his spirit is untainted. Lively, witty and still young (he is only fifty-seven years old), he continues, with his two sons (Marzio, thirty-two, and Gianluca, twenty-nine), to create beautiful, oddly-shaped pipes in the old Castello tradition which surprised the world many years ago. He certainly acts as the celebrity he is, but his skill in creating new models is extraordinary. With his limited production, he too feels the lure of the American market, but an eye to the changes in the Italian market, which now demands smaller pipes, could lead him to deserved success. Roberto Ascorti, the heir of Peppino, was quick to notice this shift and readily adapted to the Italian market, but without losing the important position he had attained in America. Closely observing the preferences of pipe smokers and always open to new ideas, he is one of the top pipe makers of the new generation who have learnt to "ride the tiger".

(to be continued...)

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