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Southwest Pipe & Cigar League

Southwest Pipe & Cigar League

"About the SWPCL
by Steve Johnson, President

The Southwest Pipe & Cigar League (SWPCL) had its humble beginnings in 1984 as a small group of pipe collectors meeting in the back room of the (now defunct) Century City Tobacco Shop. I joined the club in 1986, at which time the membership had grown to the point that meetings were being held in area restaurants (back in the good old days, when you could still smoke in restaurants here in California!). Different locations were found for culinary variety or to replace a business that went under. At that time, we really had no leadership (a subject I‘ll come back to), so it was up to individual club members to help us get a spot for meetings if we lost the use of wherever we were going at the time. Because of this, our get-togethers became sporadic, and finally the club went dormant in 1990.
What got us back on track.... (to be continued)


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