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How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? part-V

How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? part-V

Aromatized tobaccos

This is interesting, comparatively new direction of the development in pipe tobaccos sphere. First, worked tobacco goes through first stage that is called "casing" that influences namely tobacco taste. For this tobacco is saturated with various aromatic essences. On next stage tobacco is pressed, some time kept and cut in accordance with sort. Then tobacco goes through the stage of working that influences smoke‘s aroma directly that is spread while smoking, on tobacco aroma in the pack. This process is called flavoring, i.e. aromatization. Tobacco is mixed and various fillers are introduced in it. As fillers can be - rum, whisky, cognac, different fruits and so on. Aroma from such tobaccos is strong and firm. This, by the way, is often valued even by those who doesn‘t smoke but just is near the smoker.
Notwithstanding that aroma of aromatized tobaccos is stronger, for taste they are softer than English mixtures.
Lately became popular and got big spreading tobaccos that went through double fermentation; as result of it tobacco acquires soft spicy flavor and dark color. Preferences in tobacco selection depend a lot on temperament and those situations in which person smokes. Morning, of course, it is better to choose lighter tobacco, but when evening you need to relax after a difficult day, here it is better to take something stronger. For smoking in premises where you are not alone, it is better to choose aromatized tobacco what will provide less quantity of conflicts with non-smokers and that is why always aggressive minority.
But, of course, to find namely "your own" tobacco is possible only trying new sorts, talking with pipe smokers. If you have found tobacco that almost suits you, is appropriate for you, but, however is "not quite the ticket", than it, maybe, worth to talk to the Seller in shop.
Never throw tobacco which you haven‘t liked on the first try. Maybe you just have to "understand" tobacco taste.
But, if you, it would seem, have already tried everything (what is hardly to imagine), but as before everything is not "quite the ticket", remains possibility to invent your own blend. In Europe many shops make blends on order basis. Also you can order them through Post from famous masters in this sphere from, for example, Denmark or USA. If funds allow you.
But despite talents, family recipes, traditions and experience that, absolutely, are necessary for producing tobacco blends, however, namely raw materials quality, i.e. tobacco, determines in the end result. Tobacco manufacturers with experience, famous, gained name and recognition in this field, choose themselves tobacco on USA, African, Eastern plantations after each harvest. On the same plantation, harvests of different years can differ a lot on quality but even small difference in tobacco quality reflects a lot on final result.

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