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How To Select The ‘Right‘ Pipe - part IV

How To Select The ‘Right‘ Pipe - part IV

3) Financial Considerations: You must be able to afford the pipe. The most basic financial rule of pipe purchasing, and of almost any other purchase, is this: "Buy the absolute best you can afford." You can‘t go wrong by buying quality. Pipes are available in a vast range of prices, from under $20.00 to well into the $1,000‘s, with plenty of well-made pipes in each price category. You should strive to get the greatest value for your money., The reason this is the final consideration is that pipes are not cheap or expensive, they are either good smokers, or bad smokers, and without careful consideration of the aesthetics and mechanics, a cheap pipe and an expensive pipe are equally likely to be a good smoker, or a bad one.
Having read and applied the principles above, you should have a good foundation of knowledge to apply to your pipe purchasing, and you should have figured out why it takes so long to pick out a pipe!
Here are a few myths you may run across while shopping for a pipe, and an explanation of each.

(...to be continued)

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