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Downtown Toronto Pipe Club

Downtown Toronto Pipe Club

They‘re a small (quite small, really) group of folks of all ages and diverse interests. The one thing they all have in common is the love of a good bowl pipe tobacco, conversation, and camaraderie. Heck—sometimes they don‘t even feel the need to talk that much. After all, pipe smoking is an inherently silent pastime.
They are humble beginnings. A couple of years ago two of them met by chance—they‘d both signed up for a "box-pass" (a box is filled with tobacco and other goodies and mailed in turn to interested participants, who try what they want as long as they replace it with something else, and then mail it to the next person on the list). As it so happened, the next person on the list was only two blocks away from the other. And so they decided to get together for an evening and see if they could draw any other pipe smokers from the area at the same time.
Now, over time, a small committed group of pipe smokers from the downtown Toronto area has developed. They‘ve been getting together about every 4-6 weeks where they sit, smoke, laugh, drink, smoke, talk, smoke, and share various aspects of their lives and favourite hobby with each other. In the summer, they‘ve gone to the patio at the local tavern or someone‘s balcony for their gatherings. In the winter, usually there‘s someone willing to make a sacrifice and fill their home with copious quantities of smoke for an evening.


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